F o r e s t
C a r e
We all love our forests, and many consider preserving them a top priority.
We are attracted to them and concerned about their health and beauty.
When we choose to live, work, and vacation within the forest, can cannot avoid changing its character.
Low intensity fires nature uses to occasionally clear the forest of small saplings cannot be
allowed to occur in our mountain neighborhoods, and as a result our urban
forest has become overcrowded with trees. It has therefore become
incumbent upon us to mimic Mother Nature, and Forest Care is

the program that provides those of us living within the

mountains the resources we need to care for our own small

piece of the environment. With foresight and care, we can rest

assured we have done all we can to promote a more pest

resistant, diversified, healthy, beautiful, and fire resistant forest.

It takes the strength, determination, and foresight of an entire community to protect itself
and its urban forest from wildfire events. Forest Care is an innovative partnership between
the San Bernardino National Forest Association, the U.S. F.S., CalFire, qualified contractors,
and the public that helps create the defensible space needed to protect us.
Dan under Mt. Ritter and Mt. Banner deep in the backcountry
of the high Sierra Nevada Mountains. August, 2007.