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No One Provides Better Professional Tree Care. Period.
Creating Defensible Space - Living In or Near the Mountains - Important Info Here!

Have healthier trees and a safer home! This is the goal of creating defensible space. Virtually all of our clients for whom we
perform this service are delighted with the results. Plus, creating defensible space is a responsible, enlightened and
conscientious goal. The defensible space plans we design are based upon Cal Fire's guidelines, so there is absolutely no doubt
this service helps ensure homes are far less likely to be lost during fire events. Also, firemen can save several homes with
defensible space with the same effort it takes to save one without. It takes no imagination to understand why they choose to
save several homes rather than one. Want 75% off? Call us and ask about the
Forest Care program. This terrific program will not
last forever, so take advantage while Federal grant money lasts and add your property to the hundreds we have helped protect!
Don't wait for the next fire. Be smart, be prepared, be a good neighbor, create defensible space.
San Bernardino County has
passed a new fire ordinance. Click the link above to read about it, and participate in Forest Care while grant monies last!

Oak Trees - Artistic Pruning or Complete Removal

Pruning oaks: Our specialty!
We can make most oaks beautiful, safe, and healthy by performing our comprehensive oak job (we call it our C.O.J.) which
addresses important factors essential to oak tree health and safety. We say "most" because some are just too far gone. Let's
face it: You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear! That being said, we are confident that decades of vigorous life can be
added to California black oaks, interior live oaks, and canyon live oaks IF we can get to them on time! Decay is the main culprit,
but mistletoe and pests take their toll as well. To learn more about oak tree health factors, click here. Call us today to evaluate
your oaks and add yours to the hundreds we have transformed from eyesore to asset. It's smart, it's safe, and it's cheap! Our
$30.00 charge for a single tree inspection with a written report will be refunded when we perform the prescribed work. Should
evidence warrant a drill or core test to gain a closer internal look, a $75.00 non-refundable fee applies.

Even when only moderately large, oaks are the trickiest trees to remove, especially when structures, difficult terrain, and / or
decay are present. Rigging these trees for safe removal is something you do not want to experiment with. Call Mountain Tree
Service and have Dan take a look. He has the knowledge and experience to see problems and possibilities frequently missed by
other tree services, and can advise you on all options available.

Crown Reduction and Restoration - Never, EVER Top Your Trees! Why? Click here to learn.

"Topping is the most serious injury you can inflict upon your tree." Dr. Alex Shigo, world renowned tree scientist, taught us tree
professionals this years ago. If you need to lower or narrow the canopy of your trees, call us. "Drop-crotching" is the only sound
method to lower the height of a tree. It results in a far healthier and more natural looking tree that will require less frequent
pruning. "Tip-reduction" is the same principle applied to lateral branches, allowing us to narrow the canopy of trees. Combined
with drop-crotching, tip-reduction allows us to create more clearance with infrastructure or for defensible space with houses,
improve views, and bring more light into areas needing it. These same techniques are used to repair storm damage and to
correct improperly pruned trees that often become overgrown.

Structural Assessment and Hazardous Removals - Is it Safe, or Not? We Hold Certificates in Structural Analysis.

If left alone, all trees eventually reach a point where they become structurally unsound, and evaluating them takes training and
experience. Becoming unsound is usually a slow process, as with decay, but sometimes it happens overnight, as with
storm-related damage or soil failure. When "targets" (things that can be damaged should tree failure occur) are involved, the
professionals need to be called in. We have experience in dealing with dangerous, monstrously large trees. Don't take chances
with uninsured guys with chain saws offering you a "deal." Call in Mountain Tree Service if you even remotely suspect a
problem... you may avoid catastrophe. Single tree inspections are $30.00, and properties up to one acre are $150.00. Both
charges will be refunded when we perform the prescribed work.

Tree Replacement - Choosing the Right Tree

We can supply and plant almost any tree of your choice. In fact, we often find trees local nurseries cannot
supply. Need irrigation? We an design an intelligent solution and install that, too. For a list of trees to consider,

Pine, Cedar, and Fir Trees - Pruning and Removal, and Planting

There is a wide variety of conifers in our mountains, and we are familiar with planting, pruning and removing all species. Conifers
occasionally need trimming to remove dead branches, bring them into SBCFD code compliance, when proximity to structures
causes problems, or to reduce wind or snow loading during storm events. We are also expert at removing even the largest
conifers when necessary, dead or alive and regardless of its location.

Tree Evaluation Survey - A Proactive Step

Our knowledge of how trees interact with each other and surrounding structures enables us to formulate realistic strategies our
clients and their trees can live with. A successful plan addresses several factors to ensure each tree not only reaches maturity,
but will also be as beautiful, safe, and healthy as possible. Among other factors, we can help determine if each tree has
adequate space and resources, if hard-to-spot structural problems exist, if improper pruning has damaged trees, and if
corrective pruning is needed to make your trees safe, healthy, and to ward off pests and decay. A tree evaluation survey is the
first step in formulating such a plan. Your trees are a valuable resource. Protect your investment. Protect your trees. Single tree
inspections with a written report are $30.00, and properties up to one acre are $150.00. Both charges will be refunded when we
perform the prescribed work.

Land Clearing - Thinning for Forest Health, Making Room to Build, or Helping You Market Your Timber
Available Services
Trees are a valuable asset on your land. Whether you want to clear for construction, or create
defensible space, we identify individual trees for removal and extraction with acceptable and
minimal impact to those remaining. Also, a critical root zone protection plan is developed for those
trees the client wants to keep. This protects these assets from other contractors who may not
consider or understand, or care about, the permanent damage their work habits can cause.
Indeed, we remove several trees each year because of damage inflicted on them 10, 20 or more
years ago by uncaring or uninformed contractors. Unlike some outfits, we will not "slash and dash,"
causing avoidable and unnecessary damage merely to facilitate our objectives. Of course all
California Forest Practice Rules and sound arboriculture practices will be followed to protect
project quality and value. If you want to market your timber, we can arrange for a Regestered
Professional Forester to assist you with the required permits as well as transportation of your logs
to a lumber mill. One call does it all!
San Bernardino County Fire Department Code Compliance - There Are Reasons For These Codes!

We are well aware of what it takes to bring properties into code compliance, whether a lot is vacant or has a home or other
structure on it. If you have received an abatement letter from the SBCFD, or just want to make your property safe for your family
and community, call us in for a free consultation.

Insurance Company Requirements - Work Performed Quickly to Keep Your Policy Active

Many clients call on us to perform work required by their insurance company. In these cases we respond as quickly
as we can, and take before and after photographs for our clients to provide positive proof they are in compliance.

Tree Planting - Choosing the Right Tree

There are some important factors to consider when deciding on which type of tree to plant. For a list of trees to consider, as well
as trees to avoid, click