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There are many self-proclaimed 'tree experts' out there that lack the combination of
credentials, licenses, insurance, training, thousands of satisfied clients, and practical
experience that makes a true tree professional. We are the real deal: Career tree
professionals who work daily to maintain our hard earned reputation. Plus, we're pretty
good guys who enjoy our work and appreciate our clients.
You look and find numerous tree outfits in the yellow pages or on-line. Faced with many choices, you ask yourself, "What

criteria do I use in deciding who to call?" Considering that trees are a valuable asset on your property, that tree work is

inherently dangerous and irreversible, it is an important dicision.

We here at Mountain Tree Service understand that while tree work is 'business as usual' for us, it isn't for most of our

clients. For that reason we really go the extra mile to ensure your experience with us is positive, and the work exceeds

your expectations. Thinking of pruning your trees? You can trust them to us, and rest assured that you project will be

performed to ANSI A300 pruning standards by a professional crew with the health, beauty, and safety of your trees held

as their top priority. We are also expert at removing trees of every variety and size, regardless of its location, the season,

and condition.You can also expect a good clean up job. Our focus on quality during all phases of tree work ensures that

each project is completed to a high standard. Discerning clients appreciate this, and we deliver. Every time. We are tree

professionals, and our work reflects it. Not only is our crew experienced in tree standards many other companies don't

know exist, they adhere closely to the ANSI Z133.1 safety standards as well. We have nurtured a culture of safety and

efficiency any tree service would envy, and it has paid off.

Speaking of safety, no other aspect of tree work gets more of our attention. Each week begins with a mandatory tailgate

safety meeting during which any one of a variety of tree work safety issues is covered, and each work day begins with a

work strategy and safety meeting tailored for that specific job. Plus, all employees are well trained on each piece of

equipment they use, and are covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance. We have an enviable safety record that we

take pride in, and the property owner can have confidence in.

We understand how vitally importance it is to earn and maintain the trust people place in us daily. Our success and your

trees depend on this. You cannot go wrong with us handling all your tree care and removal needs.

California State Tree Contractor's Lic. No. 834131
California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection Lic. No. A10646
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